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Token Distribution

WYND belongs to the people, not to wealthy VC firms. That is why we have decided not to do any private sales or investment rounds and rather self-fund the project to launch. We will make a fair distribution of all genesis $WYND tokens without any remuneration in return.

At genesis, there will be 108 million $WYND tokens.

Of these tokens, we will distribute them as follows:

  • 20% WYND Foundation
  • 15% Development Team
  • 65% Airdrop

Yes, almost two-thirds of the total token supply will be fair-dropped on active Cosmos citizens! We have also worked hard on a design that is difficult to game and fairly distributed among actual citizens and look forward to encouraging a vibrant and active community around the WYND DAO.

The WYND Foundation is a registered BVI Entity and will be issuing these tokens. It will give 20% of the supply to itself to help guide and fund the WYND DAO in the first months and years. These funds will be used to ensure sufficient liquidity of the $WYND token, fund development projects like the Oracle service, and fund other actions for the good of the community.

The development team fund will reward those who put in the energy to bring this to launch but will also leave some funds in reserve, controlled by the WYND Foundation, to reward significant contributors who join the DAO after launch.

Please note that most of these tokens will be subject to a vesting period to limit initial liquidity and avoid quick dumping. The foundation will have around 25% of their token supply liquid on day one, so they can help establish the LP pools. But all the rest of the genesis tokens will be vested on various schedules.

Future Minting

Many protocols mint more tokens over time to be able to pay for ongoing development, and marketing or to provide incentives to LPs or stakers. However, there need to be clear limits to the growth of the token supply, and ideally, the inflation rate should decrease over time. We have decided to allow a maximum minting of 42 million $WYND per year. Note that this implies a reduced percentage every year as the supply increases.

The minting will be controlled by a vote of the WYND Community DAO, and the actual tokens minted may well be less than this maximum. These numbers define the limits to minting hardcoded in the $WYND token contract.

We also don’t prescribe where the tokens go but let the DAO decide on the distribution of these tokens based on the future needs of the chain. “Do we need more marketing or dev?” “Do we want to mint fewer this year with the potential to use them next year?” Based on the changing market and environment, this is up to the DAO to decide.

To have a final supply cap, we will limit minting to 42 million per year for the first eight years and 37 million $WYND per year for the following 12 years. After 20 years, minting $WYND will be halted, leaving a permanent hard-cap of 888 million $WYND tokens.

You can view the increase in supply in this table.

year total supply supply increase
1 150 M 38.888 %
2 192 M 28.000 %
3 234 M 21.875 %
4 276 M 17.949 %
5 318 M 15.217 %
6 360 M 13.208 %
7 402 M 11.667 %
8 444 M 10.448 %

Airdrop Details

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