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$WYND Token

The foundational layer of the project is the $WYND token, which is minted by the protocol. This token will serve as a governance token for the WYND DAO.

While designing the tokenomics, we spent time making this token sustainable, both environmentally and financially. We do not want to repeat the mistakes of Klima DAO, which tried to contribute to the environment while replicating Olympus DAO’s Ponzi-omics. (Look at one-year graphs to see what we mean).

Instead, we would “slowly” grow 3x over one year, better than make a 100x to lose it all in the following two months. We feel OSMO and JUNO are better models of a growth curve to aim for.

We accomplish this by providing real value to the WYND DAO (governance backed by real projects, which drive long-term value) and slowly increasing the liquidity via vesting rather than a massive dump of liquid tokens. We also feel that 3-digit APRs are inherently unsustainable, and the WYND DAO will focus on longer-term incentives for HODLers, not for yield farmers.

Token Distribution