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Using Vesting tokens

Most of you have your tokens locked up with a long vesting schedule. This doesn’t let you transfer it anywhere but have no fear, we provide access to the staking platform.

Vesting Tokens can be freely staked and unstaked

If you have say 1000 tokens, 900 of which are still vesting, you could immediately stake them all on the WYND DAO. Any rewards you receive are liquid assets, and let’s say you claim 75 $WYND after a few weeks.

If you decide to unbond these tokens, they are subject to the normal unbonding rules. When they are finally claimed and in your account, the same vesting rules apply. We calculate that the first tokens you stake are the vesting ones, and you only stake the liquid ones after those are all staked. This is the same way Cosmos chains handle vesting tokens with normal PoS staking.

Going back to the example, you unbond 500 of those 1000 tokens, and after 1 month passes, you can claim them. You had 100 liquid and 900 vesting earlier. 500 vesting are still locked in the WYND DAO, so we calculate you have 100 liquid (plus the 75 in rewards) plus the 400 vesting tokens.

Maximizing returns

If you want liquid tokens faster, your best bet is to stake your vesting that won’t mature in the next 6 months or so in the DAO for 6 month period. You can collect immediate liquid rewards from those tokens while they are vesting anyway.

Once they get closer to the end of their vesting cycle (and the other tokens you kept in your wallet have vested), you can start a gradual unbonding strategy as described in the staking section.

Calculating Rewards