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The voting power is calculated via the amount staked and the voting multipliers defined earlier.

The voting process of making proposals and voting is the same as the standard DAO DAO process

The only difference is that after successfully passing a proposal, the WYND DAO cannot immediately execute it, but rather the WYND Foundation must execute the proposal. This is like the President of the US signing laws to make them official, and effectively gives the WYND Foundation veto power over the decisions of WYND DAO. (Note it cannot take any actions without the approval of WYND DAO, just block actions)

This is only designed for the bootstrapping phase, and once the WYND DAO is well established and has constructive governance, the WYND Foundation will remove the veto right, granting the DAO full power to execute anything it sees fit. This is mostly designed to prevent potential governance attacks early in the life of the protocol when many people haven’t yet staked and the token value is not well established.