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$WYND Fairdrop

We have seen the drama on some chains when dealing with the consequences of gamed airdrops. We did not release any details of how the calculation was performed until after the snapshot.

We are doing our best to make this distribution “fair”. Not just by releasing 65% of the tokens to the general public but also in how we select the participants. We will seek to exclude any accounts tied to centralized exchanges and only grant to people who possess their tokens.

Goals of Airdrop

Cosmos has many chains and many active contributors in many different forms. We wish to invite as many of them as possible to participate in the birth of the WYND DAO. We have looked at many other airdrops and are doing our best to learn from their successes and failures. One notable item is to avoid people looking to “game the system” and quickly dump any airdropped tokens. For this reason, all airdropped tokens will be vesting, meaning that they can be used for voting and staking from day one, but it will take a full year until they can all be freely transferred and sold.


We will be rewarding both Stakers and Validators of Juno, Osmosis, and Regen.

Juno is the major CosmWasm chain currently and where we will launch WYND. It also has a growing ecosystem of developers we would like to collaborate with.

Osmosis is the central Dex of the Cosmos ecosystem and has fantastic community discussions. We want to bring some of that spirit of discussion to the WYND DAO.

Regen is the OG ReFi project in Cosmos, and perhaps all of the blockchain, working on issuing verifiable, high-quality Carbon and Biodiversity credits. We have much alignment with their philosophy and wish to invite their community of believers to form a core part of the new WYND DAO.

Even though we provide slightly smaller allocations to Regen, it has about 20% of the market cap and 5% of the number of stakers as Juno, making the allocations to each Regen staker the highest.

We will reserve some airdrop tokens to perform a second round to lend a hand to those hardest hit by the LUNA implosion, which will occur when technically possible. Minimally, it will include bonded LP holders in the Osmosis UST and LUNA pools around May 9th, who were wiped out as the market crashed and unable to move their tokens. We will also attempt to provide some to those who had staked LUNA on the Terra network, but this is more complex as the signing tools, and address derivations on Terra and Juno are different.

Distribution Details

5% of the total token supply, or 5.4 million $WYND, will be airdropped to various validators. As there are many fewer validators than stakers, they should still receive significantly more than the average staker in light of the hard work they perform and their central role in the ecosystem. This will be split as follows:

  • 2 million $WYND for Juno validators
  • 2 million $WYND for Osmosis validators
  • 1.4 million $WYND for Regen validators

Of the remaining 60% of the tokens reserved for the airdrop, or 64.8 million $WYND, we will distribute this as follows:

  • 35%, or 22.7 million $WYND, will be split by Juno Stakers
  • 10%, or 6.5 million $WYND, will be split by Regen Stakers
  • 25%, or 16.2 million $WYND, will be split by Osmosis Stakers
  • 30%, or 19.4 million $WYND, will be reserved for the second round

The second round will take place when technically feasible to perform all needed calculations, most likely in June. At a minimum, this will reward people who had 7 or 14 day bonded LP positions on the following Osmosis pools before the Terra meltdown: LUNA/UST, LUNA/ATOM, LUNA/OSMO, OSMO/UST.

If technically possible, we will also drop some $WYND on $LUNA stakers from the Terra network, although the claim is a bit more tricky as the wallets are not interoperable with Juno.


We took snapshots of Osmosis and Regen on May 5, 2022. We took the Juno snapshot from May 6, right after the Unity upgrade. We chose this date to reward the stakers who genuinely believe and didn’t start dumping in April as the bear market hit.

We have performed complex calculations on the distributions in order to find a smooth distribution that rewarded average holders, not whales, and not people trying to game the system with lots of “dust accounts”.

The airdrop will go live on June 6 and remain live until August 31, 2022. Any tokens not claimed by the end of the airdrop will be “clawed back” and sent to the WYND DAO community pool, which will be live by then. Those clawback tokens will have the same vesting period as all the airdrop recipients.

Multichain Claims

You will need to provide your Juno address to view your portion and claim it, but we will match accounts on other chains to the corresponding Juno address and perform the airdrop on one chain. This also means you will need a 0.001 $JUNO or so to pay gas fees, which should easily be able to get on Osmosis.

The address format and derivation on Juno, Osmosis, and Regen are the same, so it is pretty easy to convert accounts from one chain to another while ensuring the private key holder has access to the new account.

If you have your private keys in Keplr or a Ledger, generating the Juno address should be no problem. If your keys are stored in a local binary (say gaiad), you should be able to port them to another binary (junod), and we hope to provide a document on how to do this for the typical case. In the worst case, you can import them in Keplr or a Ledger if you have the mnemonic.

If a custodial solution holds your keys, you may be out of luck and must discuss it with the custodian. And if you manage your keys with a unique solution, we cannot provide support except to show how to import your mnemonic into another solution.