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WYND’s ReFi Vision

For governance to achieve its full potential, the community participating in governance needs to have a shared vision of where they want to go. Without a shared vision, they will bicker over everything, and there is no shared direction. If the shared vision is limited like “maximizing token holder value”, progress can be made in that one domain, but the community would be hard pressed to answer questions with deeper ramifications, even selecting the proper validator set for a staking derivative (which criteria do we use to select? lowest commission? active community member? not a top validator?).

We wish to create more holistic and deep-reaching governance for WYND DAO. To that end, we propose the following long-term vision for WYND DAO as a whole:

The WYND DAO will leverage blockchain protocols to protect and regenerate the world’s ecosystems.

There are many milestones and intermediate goals on the way to this. WYND DAO must be a profitable and sustainable DeFi protocol in order to continue existing and to control economic value which can help with ecosystem restoration. We need to build community, spread the word, launch various protocols, etc. But the long term vision is like a compass to keep us focused on a shared goal, and hold us together as a community, so we don’t get lost while focusing on the next steps.

State of the planet

As we enter 2022, every living soul on this planet can see and feel the drastic changes happening around the globe. Humans are the most intelligent species and hence can observe, calculate and deduce the cause-effects on a larger scale. Irrespective of education, degree, and skills, every human on this globe can see the damage to the environment, the deterioration in climate conditions, and the increasingly extreme weather conditions. We have large-scale fires, frequent storms, and disruption to agriculture.

Koala (src)

We strongly believe that the current sad and grim state can be changed and transformed into a harmonious state. However, we can’t do this until we awaken and are compassionate towards nature and all its creatures and align our actions with our beliefs. Unfortunately, most people who awaken to the need to reverse the damage to our planet are left feeling helpless.

We realize that we can’t rely upon a few people sitting in governments to take actions to bring a sustainable ecology to this planet; that all current economies are fundamentally based on increasing exploitation of “natural resources,”; and that “lifestyle changes” like eating organic or donating to the WWF are far too small to turn the tide. Yet, what can we do?

Bringing forth a genuinely sustainable future requires everyone, or at least a large majority of people, to be involved in the process. There have only been two successful approaches to a large-scale organization: hierarchical systems like governments and large corporations and competitive games that exhibit emergent behavior, like market economies. Horizontal organizations, like coops, often show increased efficiency and democratic participation in the areas they have been applied to but have worked well only at relatively small scales.

Why WYND is revolutionary

WYND sees the potential of blockchain technologies to engender new forms of large-scale collaboration toward positive, life-affirming futures. Cryptoeconomics and mechanism design allows projects to create new competitive games with different emergent behavior than market economies. DAOs are in their infancy but have already shown great potential enabling large groups with a common purpose to form and take collective action quickly.

WYND uses technology to bring awareness and visibility to all humans about their surrounding environment and put a proper value on it. We provide a platform to make them active contributors, not just limited to the scope of WYND or any one organization, but in the immense size of life itself. We seek to achieve harmony between nature and technology while rewarding everyone who has put their skin in the game in any form under this belief system.

WYND views itself as part of the ReFi movement and aligns with the general vision of the Green Pill Party. We also build upon years of experience in real-world, offline collectives and horizontal governance. Some of us have been working on mechanisms to go beyond coin voting governance for years, both in theory and in implementation. And take inspiration from decades of ideas, best summarized in Buckminster Fuller’s World Game:

“Make the world work, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone”

WYND strongly believes and is committed to building a better, healthy world with the current technology, web-native/scale, and building infrastructure, tools, and services around that to support and enhance the entire ecosystem. This enables everyone to have some learning and role in contributing to a better world rather than just limiting it to an individual’s benefit.