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Welcome to WYND DAO

WYND DAO is an innovative, multi-protocol DAO that harvests the best of DeFi to fund positive real-world environmental impact.

It is based upon the WYND Token, which was launched on Juno in late May 2022 in a Community Fairdrop. This has a long vesting curve that slowly becomes liquid between Sep 1, 2022, and Sep 1, 2023.

On top of this, we build an [innovative governance model to provide intelligent guidance to this living system. This is based on the wonderful work of DAO DAO, along with a custom staking and reward module of our design.

The DAO will come live on Sep 27, 2022. At that point, staking will be possible, to earn rewards and, most importantly, participate in governance votes to guide the protocol.

This DAO shall launch multiple, sustainable DeFi protocols on Juno and beyond. Staking derivatives are currently under construction, but many more will also be coming shortly, guided by the decisions of the WYND DAO.

Notably, these protocols will not run only on Juno, but over multiple blockchains, that support CosmWasm. All protocols will have the same governance contract, the WYND DAO on Juno, which can adjust the protocols on multiple chains. This WYND DAO will also receive the revenue from the various protocols it deploys, on Juno as well as on other IBC-enabled chains.

Speaking of revenue, this is where the DeFi aspects come in. The revenue from the various protocols doesn’t all go to the WYND DAO. Instead, it is collected in a “revenue sharing” contract, which sends 75% to the WYND DAO Treasury, and 25% to a special sub-DAO that manages environmental grants.

There will be an environmental sub-DAO appointed by the main WYND DAO, whose job is to find valid projects to support, evaluate their potential, and distribute this portion of the rewards to innovative, high-impact environmental projects. The WYND DAO will provide high-level guidance on the types of initiatives to focus on, but the committee will be empowered to review and select the particular projects of interest.

All together, you see how WYND DAO is the center of a growing web of interconnected protocols, funneling revenue to good causes. “Make money while helping the planet”. Truly a win-win for all involved.

Browse the documentation to learn more, dig into our Medium blog, or follow us on Twitter for the latest news.